Regional Planning

Looking down, from above, ecological opportunities fit like a dendritic glove

Regional and urban planning strategies that aspire toward sustainability need the underpinnings of ecological systems thinking.

Stormwater and flooding, of course, are primary in such regional conceptual planning projects. Habitat quality, as well. And, ultimately, quality of life for those who live with, and enjoy nature.

Working in team environments, AES has pioneered metropolitan and regional planning projects, using advanced GIS and remote sensing tools to bring ecosystem services into the forefront of regional planning.

  • Land Cover Data Collection + Analysis
  • Remote Sensing + GiS
  • Ecological Consulting
  • Stormwater Management Planning
  • Greenway + Green Infrastructure Planning


Ecosystems are not bound by political lines on a map.

So, planning that involves land and water resources is likewise unbound, if ecological sustainability is a priority.

AES contributes to team planning projects with the unique perspective, and scientific understanding, that flora, fauna, and the ecosystem services they provide are essential to our well-being.

Technology today, combined with solid ecological science, is producing amazing, sustainable land use plans for urban environments that are essential to our well-being.


Regional Planning Portfolio

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