Zion Landfill

AES designed an 11-acre wetland mitigation and assisted Onyx Zion Landfill in permitting for the Zion Landfill in northeast Illinois. This mitigation plan proved to be an ecological beneficial solution to a controversial expansion with impacts to wetlands.

Field crews installed several thousand wetland and prairie plants, and native species were seeded at the mitigation site adjacent to the landfill expansion. AES developed and implemented a long-term management plan for the site that was eventually deeded to the Zion Park District as a public nature park.

Following construction, AES conducted seven years of vegetation monitoring to fulfill permit requirements. AES also conducted several years of landscape management, including invasive brush removal, prescribed burning and herbicide treatment to control exotic species invasions.

  • Landfill Consultation
  • Wetland Mitigation + Permitting
  • Restoration Construction
  • Operations + Management
  • Compliance Monitoring

Mitigation and Management | Zion Landfill
Lake County, Illinois

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