Yanacocha Peruvian Mine

Yanacocha Mine in the Andes Mountains of Peru’s Cajamarca region is one of the world’s largest operating gold and mineral mines and has a rich ecological and social history. The mine is in the heart of la Jalca, a rare grassland ecosystem with vast stores of carbon. Former Inca capital Cajamarca is a regional metropolitan center greatly influenced by mining operations.

AES collaborated with an international team to review and evaluate mine closure strategies. This two-step process included on-site and regional site visits, interviews, and document reviews, followed by analysis and recommendations.

Presented in a technical report, AES’ findings

  • reviewed and evaluated proposed mine closure recommendations compared to historical and existing land uses
  • suggested methods to balance flexible mine operations, driven by market demand, with future planning for successful restoration and reclamation during closure
  • identified additional studies to protect the area’s ecological integrity
  • endorsed an end-use outcome favoring creation of an ecological/cultural park supported by the national government and managed by local communities to prevent fragmentation of land

AES’ recommendations are supported by area planners, architects, foresters, biologists, and local tourism and business industries. Ultimately, increasing Peru’s national parks and large-scale conservation projects would be invaluable to Peru’s tourism industry, economy, and its contribution to protection of global biodiversity.

  • Mine Reclamation Planning
  • Mine Legacy Site Closure
  • Ecological Data Gathering + Review
  • Ecological Assessment + Consulting

Yanacocha Mine Reclamation
Development + Assessment
Cajamarca Region, Peru

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