Wind Point

Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network (RPWIN) is a grassroots watershed organization based in Racine, Wisconsin that awards grants to projects that preserve, promote, and protect watershed health.

RPWIN received grant funding to undergo a watershed planning effort and produce a comprehensive Watershed-Based Plan for Wind Point Watershed that meets requirements as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The primary scope of the Watershed-Based Plan is to restore impaired waters and protect unimpaired waters by developing an ecologically-based plan that focuses on improving water quality by protecting green infrastructure, creating protection policies, implementing ecological restoration, and educating the public.

In February 2016, the Village of Wind Point adopted the Wind Point Watershed-Based Plan as a guide for regional and community water quality management within the Wind Point Watershed.

  • Watershed Plan
  • Ecologically-Based Management Plan
  • Water Quality Analysis

Watershed-Based Plan | Wind Point
Racine, Wisconsin
11,996 acres

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