Willard Airport

Wildlife-aircraft strikes can result in loss of lives, as well as billions of dollars in aircraft damage. To address wildlife hazards, the FAA has created a certification program for Wildlife Hazard Assessments (WHA) and Wildlife Hazard Management Plans (WHMP).

In 2012, AES ecologists, qualified as FAA airport wildlife biologists, conducted a 12-month survey effort at Willard Airport in Savoy, IL, to produce both a WHA and WHMP.

The survey involved a minimum of 2 survey events per month, including point count bird surveys, roosting surveys, small mammal trapping surveys, insect and plant species analysis, spotlighting for nocturnal mammals, camera traps, and hangar/structural and perimeter fence inspections.

Through an FAA-funded research initiative, AES also participated in marine radar bird flight data collection to support the advancement of airport safety through technology (with University of Illinois’ Center for Excellence in Airport Technology).

Following the review and approval of the WHA by FAA Inspectors, AES created a WHMP for review, acceptance, and inclusion into the compliance certification for Willard Airport.

  • WHA Wildlife Surveys
  • Aerial Imagery
  • FAA WHA + WHMP Plans
  • Airport Staff Training in WHMP Implementation

Willard Airport Wildlife Hazard Assessment
Savoy, Illinois

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