Western Technical College

Western Technical College sought to create a campus based on sustainable planning and building principles. To achieve this goal, the college needed assistance re-designing stormwater management on campus. AES worked in close collaboration with two partner firms, RDG Planning & Design and HSR Architects, to develop a robust plan that combined ecological and engineering concepts.

The team modeled the runoff volume pre- and post-construction, specified local soil conditions, and selected native trees and shrubs expressly matched to the site. Construction of the rain gardens and planters was completed in 2010, meeting a primary objective of creating an aesthetically pleasing and ecologically functional green infrastructure that sustainably increased campus stormwater capacity.

This ecologically-based management scheme reduced runoff by 78% and also significantly reduced sediment and phosphorus levels in runoff. Referencing this effort as a prime example of ecologically-based stormwater management, the La Crosse City Council passed a resolution in 2011 requiring that all streets in the city should be similarly green and complete—becoming the first city in Wisconsin to do so.

  • Ecological Master Planning
  • Green Infrastructure + Stormwater Management
  • Water Quality

Western Technical College
LaCrosse, Wisconsin

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