Considered together, Waveland Golf Course and Glendale Cemetery form a high-profile 515-acre green island in urban Des Moines, cherished by local residents. Since the 1980s, however, changes in regional precipitation patterns have resulted in increased flooding and severe erosion; these affect both visitor use as well as maintenance concerns. The surrounding urban landscape has exacerbated these problems.

A multi-disciplinary team convened and led by AES developed a holistic plan integrating ecological restoration, runoff management, and water quality improvement with the ongoing needs of golfers and cemetery visitors. By means of ecologically-based landscape planning, flooding of low-lying zones and areas near burial sites was reduced, water quality of stormwater runoff was improved, and connectivity of oak woodland and other natural ecosystems was enhanced.

The Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department was pleased with the integrated problem-solving achieved by this team with its combined expertise in ecology, stormwater management, hydrologic engineering, landscape architecture, and golf course design.

  • Stormwater Management
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Ecological Park Planning
  • Climate Change Resiliency

A Stormwater Master Plan
Des Moines, Iowa
500 acres