Valley View Park

Des Moines’ Valley View Park was looking to improve the park’s ecology and sustainability, while creating multiple recreational and cultural venues, all within the constraints placed on the park by surrounding residential developments, the need to blend with an existing water park, the City’s stormwater management ordinances, and the necessity of creating affordable open space that could be maintained largely by City park staff.

AES collaborated with the City and RDG Planning and Design to create a master plan with a strong ecological focus. RDG and AES also designed and oversaw the construction, including transforming an agricultural ditch to a braided stream and pond system using stormwater runoff from the park and its surroundings.

Valley View Park demonstrates the positive attributes of native vegetation and the natural water cycle while offsetting impacts from development. Ecological features throughout the park are not only instructional and recreational, but also lower maintenance costs, reduce stormwater runoff volume, and promote infiltration.

Stormwater management features include a series of bio-filtration galleries, nutrient removal biocells, stormwater wetlands, wet ponds, bio-retention filters, and an underground cistern to capture and reuse runoff to supplement irrigation and feed the interactive water features. A restored ecosystem and wildlife habitat were created alongside playing fields, playgrounds, and parking lots.

  • Stormwater Management
  • Planning + Design
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Watershed

Park Master Planning and Design
Valley View Park
West Des Moines, Iowa

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