St. Joseph’s Center

The year-long ecological assessment of this large community center campus was federally funded because of its ecological features that are important to fish and wildlife goals.

Naturally occurring wetlands and upland plant communities throughout the site offered suitable habitat for the federally listed bog turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) as well as state-endangered amphibians and mussels.

Faunal surveys documented more than 150 bird species, a dozen mammals, amphibians and reptiles on the 300-acre historic landscape.  Macroinvertebrate, mussel, fish and insect studies produced insightful results, as did in-stream habitat assessment and water quality sampling.

  • Natural Resource Inventory
  • Vegetation Mapping + Assessment
  • Avifaunal Inventory + Assessment
  • Comprehensive Faunal Investigation
  • T+E Species Consultation
  • Coordination with Federal + State Agencies

Ecological Assessment | St. Joseph’s Center
New Castle and Kent Counties, Delaware
300 acre campus

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