St. Joseph Creek Design/Build

The south branch of St. Joseph Creek, an incised urban stream located within a residential neighborhood in the Village of Downers Grove, had become severely degraded over the years. Many portions of the streambanks had become extremely unstable, causing erosion and endangering property. Invasive species had become abundant, suppressing ground-level plant growth and an overgrown vegetative over-story, which further contributed to bank instability.

In order to restore and stabilize the stream, a combination of in-stream structures and slope stabilizing measures were installed. In-stream design elements included a stilling basin, stone bendway weirs, and stone grade control structures, which helped to slow down velocities and direct flows away from sensitive areas. Slope stabilization work included techniques such as bioengineering, stone toe revetment, and native prairie vegetation. The design, along with removal of invasive species and minimal grading, provided improved stream appearance and functionality.

  • Stream Restoration + Stabilization
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Consulting Design
  • Ecological Restoration

Streambank Stabilization & Enhancement
Downers Grove, Illinois
1.275 linear feet

appliedecoSt. Joseph Creek Design/Build