Six Mile Marsh

The water quality at Six Mile Creek and Halsted Bay consistently ranked among the worst in the Minnehaha Creek Watershed. The local Watershed District wanted to restore the former agricultural land and degraded wetlands, all while improving water quality and increasing wildlife habitat.

AES led a team that worked in close collaboration with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District to develop and implement a comprehensive ecological restoration and management plan.

The restoration plan addressed the water quality issues by restoring a more natural hydrology to the site and by stabilizing steep slopes to prevent export of sediment and nutrients. Native seeding and planting were employed to accentuate hydrological restoration effects as well as provide wildlife habitat and aesthetic improvements.

  • Watershed Master Plan | Design/Build
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Stream Restoration
  • Native Seeding + Planting
  • Invasive Species Management

Six Mile Marsh + Prairie Restoration
Minnetrista, Minnesota
233 acres

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