Shoreline environments are increasingly at risk not from just development pressure, but also from beach erosion, invasive plant colonization, and recreational use. On the Great Lakes, this includes the impact of people on the environmental health of the thousands of foot trails surrounding the shoreline.

Working with Superior Watershed Partnership and Land Trust, AES developed and deployed Shoreviewer services, a low-cost imaging technology to produce real-time, detailed land imagery.

AES used a handheld camera and Cessna airplane to obtain high resolution photographs of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula shoreline along lakes Michigan, Huron, and Superior. This imaging technology and the product—a continuous oblique image of the shoreline, from very low altitude—allows anyone to view the details of what is present on shoreline property.

The Superior Watershed Partnership sought to make these updated images available, through online access to the Shoreviewer program, to the public. To view this real-time imagery, visit

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Great Lakes Shoreview | GIS
Great Lakes Shoreline, Upper Peninsula, MI