Scott County Landfill

AES collaborated with Foth Infrastructure & Environment to conduct a design charrette and develop concept end-use plans for the Scott Area Landfill in Davenport, IA.

Ecologists conducted a site visit and contributed sustainability concepts for the landscapes at the regional landfill.

During the charrette, stakeholders agreed that upon closure of the active landfill, the site should be open to the public as a recreational area, complete with hiking trails, visitor structures, and a turfgrass play area.

Conceptual sketches and maps of recommended ecological communities and amenities were illustrated on the concept plan that included mesic prairie, savanna, wet prairie and wetlands, open water and emergent wetlands, restored ravines and woodlands, and a riparian corridor restoration along Donaldson Creek.

To assist land managers in planning restoration strategies, AES provided unit cost estimates for site preparation, brush removal, restoration seeding, installation of plant plugs, shrubs and trees, erosion control and mulching, and overall O+M.

  • Charrette Facilitation
  • Planning + Design
  • Construction Cost Consulting
  • Public Education + Communication

End-Use Planning | Scott County Landfill
Scott County (Davenport), Iowa

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