Salt Lake City Parks

AES is working with the Salt Lake City Open Space Lands Program to develop a comprehensive Natural Lands Stewardship Plan for 1,200 acres of city-owned park property. This baseline study provides the Program with a scientific basis to manage their natural lands for lower cost management and improved ecological and cultural conditions.

This Stewardship Plan serves as a guide for current and future open space management and sustainability, providing intrinsic values of ecosystem services, wildlife and fishery habitat and aesthetic beauty of healthy natural areas. It supports the safety of important passive recreational uses, with a focus on ensuring protection of natural resources that contributes to high-quality visitor experiences now and in the future.

AES created mapped information to complete concept plans and budgets. For each park property, AES developed restoration concept plans and budget spreadsheets to be consolidated into a system-wide budget for open space management. AES created a budget for the open space O+M, and coordinated and integrated the scheduling with their new software system to track jobs, restoration work, and costing.

  • Park Planning + Analysis
  • Ecological Inventory
  • Open Space Management
  • O + M Planning + Budgeting

Salt Lake City Parks | Natural Lands Stewardship Plan
Salt Lake City, Utah

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