Rockcliffe Development

Within minutes of downtown Ottawa, the former Canadian Air Force Base of Rockcliffe has stunning views of the Ottawa River Valley, and a mission to become a visionary model of sustainable community development.

Nearly a third of the 300+ acre site will be protected as healthy ecological open space, supported by mixed-use development with 5,500 housing units.

AES led the ecological planning on the international design team that imagined a development that would honor the ecological, and native people, heritage of the valuable urban in-fill site.

AES advised the project team on how to integrate development with the naturally terraced landscapes and limestone escarpments, using an ecological stormwater management system – or stormwater treatment train.

The treatment train design was integrated with the city’s deep stormwater piping system and the large-storm overland-flow system. AES prepared materials to illustrate a range of best practices for urban residential areas, parks and institutional land, and mixed use development.

•Sustainable Urban Design + Open Space Planning
•Stormwater Treatment Train™
•Public Outreach + Education

Rockcliffe Sustainable Community Deisgn
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
500 acres
2006-2007 | 2013-2014

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