Riverboat Road Restoration

The River Revitalization Foundation collaborated with AES to design a significant property along the Milwaukee River with important connections both recreationally and ecologically and construct the improvements. The property had been neglected and degraded over the years, and was in need of ecological restoration.

A naturalized shoreline complete with root wads, native vegetation, and a “backwater” habitat zone that was designed to fluctuate with the seiche effect of Lake Michigan were designed and constructed by AES. In addition, two rain gardens, including one that captures water from the parking lot then directs excess water over a rocky terrace, under a trail, and through a stone runnel and then to the river were designed and installed.

The design features a handicapped accessible trail system that connects the northern end of the Milwaukee Riverwalk system to the southern end of the Milwaukee Greenway trail system while also providing access to the river itself and includes a scenic overlook with surfacing and bench seating.

The project site that now serves as the Foundation’s headquarters is located near downtown Milwaukee.  Habitat for fish (northern pike are a target species), amphibians, birds and reptiles within the river corridor is at a premium, particularly in this urban setting.

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Riverboat Road | Design-Build Streambank Restoration
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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