Riverbend Restoration

The RiverBend property along the Buffalo River was formally the Republic Steel and Donner Hanna Coke facilities in South Buffalo. Remedial activities involved contaminated soils, however, the site remained a brownfield.

AES worked with general contractor Land Remediation, Inc., to restore and enhance the ecological function of the Buffalo River bordering the property, and address Beneficial Use Impairment delisting targets for the Buffalo River Remedial Action Plan (RAP). One of the Buffalo River RAP delisting targets was its goal of: “A minimum 25 percent (19,941 linear feet) of the AOC shoreline is restored to natural slope, shallows, and aquatic (emergent and submerged) native vegetation, including naturalizing areas…”

AES ecological contractors performed the restoration scope of the project, working closely with Land Remediation to stabilize and restore the river bank and slope. AES installed 575 linear feet of soil lifts, 2,430 linear feet of live branch layering, 3,000 linear feet of coir logs, 2.3 acres of coir fiber matting, 1,200 live stakes, 2,900 containerized shrubs and grasses, 980 containerized trees, 70 ball & burlap trees, 3,900 linear feet of plant protection fence, and 4 acres of native seed and cover crop. AES also restored the 1.4-acre haul road to the disposal stockpile with native seeding and hydromulching.

  • Streambank Stabilization
  • Shoreline + Riparian Restoration
  • Brownfield Reclamation
  • Upland Habitat Restoration

RiverBend Ecological Restoration
Buffalo, New York
500 acres

appliedecoRiverbend Restoration