Pennsauken Creek

In New Jersey, the Township of Pennsauken, Camden County found that their newly constructed storm sewer system was causing severe erosion in the nearby Pennsauken Creek which threatened neighborhood infrastructure.

To stabilize badly eroding banks, AES constructed control structures and a 10-foot bank of stacked, vegetated soil lifts to shore up the most problematic erosion threatening bank integrity and nearby infrastructure.

In this design/build streambank stabilization, live branch cuttings, plant plugs, seed and shrubs were used to assist the regeneration of a diverse plant community. Vegetation structures with deep root systems now stabilize the stream corridor while providing cover and food for wildlife, filtering pollutants, capturing sediment, and improving water quality.

AES also identified opportunities for infiltration-based stormwater BMP retrofits which would have an immediate and measurable effect on the stream’s health. The retrofit measures – located in highly visible areas and planted with attractive wildflowers and grasses – served to educate the community about BMPs.

  • Design/Build Streambank Stabilization
  • Vegetated Soil Lift Construction
  • Stormwater BMP Design + Installation
  • Maintenance + Monitoring

Pennsauken Creek Restoration
Pennsauken Township, Camden County, New Jersey
1.2 acres

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