Otter Creek Wetland Bank

The first privately owned and constructed wetland mitigation bank in the U.S. was designed, permitted, and built on a 56-acre drained farm field that is now a valuable nature education amenity and passive recreation park in St. Charles.

During the two-year permitting process, wetland banking partners, Land and Water Resources, and AES, worked closely with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. EPA regulators to develop the first mitigation banking accreditation standards in the country.

For six years following construction and restoration in 1994, ecologists monitored the site for permit compliance – vegetation and hydrology – while field crews maintained the site with prescribed burns, spot herbicide treatment, and reseeding.

Today, over 100 native wetland and prairie species thrive in the diverse ecosystems enjoyed by pollinators, St. Charles Park District visitors, and school children studying their natural world.

  • Wetland Bank Design + Permitting
  • Hydrology Modeling
  • Restoration Installation + Construction Oversight
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Annual Operations + Maintenance

St. Charles, Illinois
56 acres

appliedecoOtter Creek Wetland Bank