NRCS Projects

Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries is pivotal in the success of multiple, on-going wetland restoration projects that AES manages under direction of the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) state conservationists in both Iowa and Ohio.

As one of the largest native prairie and wetland nurseries in the country, Taylor Creek is able to source high-volume, high-quality materials on an as-needed basis for the NRCS projects. This allows AES to complete installation projects quickly by responding with site-appropriate, cost-effective materials that meet rigorous NRCS standards.

A major goal of the voluntary, state-wide programs is to optimize wildlife habitat on every acre enrolled. Species diversity is a value-added benefit of the AES-Taylor Creek team.

Taylor Creek and AES staff have worked with agency personnel to modify minimum requirements in favor of maximum species diversity, while staying within budgetary limits.

Installing a healthy plant palette, with quality PLS-tested seed, increases the likelihood of the restoration remaining free of invasive species, which ultimately saves on future maintenance.

These restorations are meant to take hold and stand on their own after two years of management. Quality seed is critical to deliver successful projects year after year.

  • Native Seed + Plants
  • Wetland + Prairie Species
  • Seed Mix Design Consultation

NRCS Wetland Restoration Projects
Statewide: Iowa + Ohio

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