Noisette Preserve

The 3,000-acre Noisette project is one of the largest coastal re-development projects in the U.S., centered on a 350-acre closed naval base and historically altered coastal salt marsh in South Carolina.

As the ecological leader on the master planning team, AES provided design and restoration direction focused on a highly degraded river mouth, islands, spits, salt marshes, freshwater marshes, upland live-oak forested buffers, coastal prairies, and several rivers and streams.

These ecosystems are now the face, and substance, of the 1,000+ acre Noisette Reserve.

Noisette Reserve is a large protected and restored open space system in North Charleston. It is designed with extensive coastal and natural area restoration – and site reclamation of historic saw-dust material from milling operations – enhanced with improved floodwater storage capabilities.

AES engineered natural-system stormwater solutions to help direct sustainability planning. To address hurricane threat, AES contributed significant environmental engineering to the urban redevelopment plan for flood damage reduction and stormwater management.

In stakeholder and public community charrettes, ecologists shared the scientific, ecological underpinnings to conservation and restoration plans, which are foundational to the area-wide site design.

  • Coastal Ecology
  • Brownfield Consulting
  • Ecological Planning and Design
  • Stormwater + Flood Management
  • Urban Re-Development

National Analysis and Planning Award of Excellence, American Society of Landscape Architects
for establishing a strong, regional example of integrated green redevelopment

Coastal/Urban Redevelopment | Noisette Preserve
North Charleston, South Carolina

Sustainability in the Navy Yard
“The Navy Yard at Noisette is the urban heart of the Noisette area and has developed into a key economic anchor within the metropolitan region. With sustainability as a guiding principle, the Navy Yard is combining the latest in best practices, efficiency and smart, mixed-use development.”

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