Milwaukee River Bank

The Lincoln Park / Milwaukee River Channel Phase I area contained the most significant sediment deposits contaminated with the industrial chemicals polychlorinated biphenyls known within the Milwaukee River system.

The source of the chemicals has not been specifically identified, or linked, to a particular industry. However, the majority of contaminants within the impoundment were within the area influenced by Lincoln Creek that has a long industrial history.

As part of the remediation construction, AES restoration field crews stabilized streambanks and seeded native species in the remediated bank areas of the Milwaukee River and Lincoln Creek.

This work included the installation of various bioengineering techniques such as fabric encapsulated, vegetated soil lifts, as well as tens of thousands of live stakes designed to help hold and stabilize the banks as vegetation becomes established.

AES crews installed acres of erosion control mat held in place with over 20,000 thirty-inch dead stout stakes and 20,000 sod staples.

After completing the landscape restoration installation, AES provided vegetative maintenance for three growing seasons.

  • Riparian Zone Restoration
  • Streambank  Stabilization
  • Multi-Year Vegetation Maintenance
  • Remediation/Brownfield Site
  • Public Park

Milwaukee River Bank Stabilization
Lincoln Park, Glendale, WI

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