Metra Antioch Wetland Bank

AES worked with Metra Commuter Railroad in the Chicago metropolitan area to design and construct two wetland mitigation banks that compensate for wetland losses incurred due to the development of new railroad infrastructure. The initial 80-acre bank required studies by AES of federally endangered and state threatened and endangered plant and animal species, determination of wetland and stream crossings, floodplain/floodway impacts, and unprecedented permit application preparations and negotiations with federal and state agencies.

As part of the mitigation, AES restored wetland, sedge meadow, shallow marsh, and oak savanna and prairie ecological communities, resulting in improved local water quality and wildlife habitat. AES also conducted several years of monitoring and managing hydrology and vegetation to meet U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit requirements.

  • Infrastructure
  • Wetland Mitigation
  • Wildlife Studies

Wetland Mitigation Mitigation | Metra Railroad
Antioch, Illinois
Phase 1: 80 acres | Phase 2: 60 acres

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