Mallard Ridge

When performed correctly, prescribed burning can be safely and successfully used as an ecological maintenance technique for landfills, as was the case at the Mallard Ridge Landfill in Delevan, WI.  Initially, AES performed ecological assessments to enable permitting of a landfill expansion as well as wetland and prairie restoration.

Recently, AES accepted responsibility for ongoing maintenance projects, including prescribed burning. AES’ professionally trained and certified burn crews routinely use fire as a management technique for landfill buffers and closed landfill cap areas.

All AES maintenance crews are equipped with specialized equipment, advanced training and extensive experience in burn planning, fire control, and equipment safety. Certified Burn Bosses create a customized burn plan prescription to ensure burns are conducted safely while also providing all permitting and notification services needed to meet local requirements.

  • Landfill Monitoring + Management
  • Stormwater Management
  • Ecological Assessments
  • Wetland + Prairie Restoration

Landfill Monitoring and Management | Mallard Ridge
Delevan, Wisconsin

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