Lucas Museum

Situated in the historic shorelands of Lake Michigan in the heart of downtown Chicago, the proposed Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts focused externally beyond the building to incorporate an imaginative, ecologically sustainable landscape around it.

AES worked with Studio Gang and SCAPE to advise the design team on how to create and manage a landscape that evokes the historic mosaic of near-shore ecosystems of Lake Michigan.

This re-imagined landscape replaces acres of pavement with a dune and swale complex, tiered rainwater wetland, and multi-use event prairie. Integrated recreational, ecological, and green infrastructure zones were designed to provide an inviting and enriching experience for all park visitors.

AES led the design team on field tours of existing near-shore ecosystems and demonstrated how existing abiotic conditions, such as soil composition, and plant community composition are inherently linked.

With this understanding in science, AES helped the design team create an inspiring, sustainable museum landscape reflecting the historic ecosystems surrounding it.

  • Ecological Assessment
  • Ecological Landscape Design
  • Coastal Ecology
  • Naturalized Stormwater Management
  • Sustainable Urban Design + Open Space Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Design of Formal Areas + Gathering Spaces

Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts | Ecological Landscape Design
Chicago, Illinois
4.5 acres

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