Longwood Gardens Meadow

Longwood Gardens collaborated with AES to install and maintain ecological restoration areas of the famed Gardens, due to the relocation of a half-mile portion of State Route 52 that impacted the eastern half of the property. This included planting and construction oversight with the ultimate goal of restoring the disturbed land to enhance and preserve the ecological and cultural elements of the site.

The project encompassed meadow and woodland restorations and incorporated BMPs for stormwater treatment and soil conservation. AES field crews coordinated with nursery suppliers for weekly deliveries of native species – managing 1,000 tree deliveries a week – and provided construction oversight for deer exclusion fencing and formal landscape planting subcontractors.

AES planted 12,000 trees and shrubs in five different reforestation zones covering 22.5 acres. To seed and create 15 acres of meadow, AES used a native mix that included 20 species of native, warm-season grasses, and wildflowers.  Crews also planted 30,000 native herbaceous woodland plugs with 30 species of grasses and forbs.

AES maintained and monitored the site for four consecutive years. Ecological management activities included spot herbicide treatment and mowing to control invasive species, and tree and shrub watering. The restoration, reforestation, and native meadow creation will add to the legacy of excellence at Longwood Gardens.

  • Upland Habitat Restoration
  • Reforestation Implementation
  • Native Seed + Plant Installation
  • Ecological Restoration + Construction
  • Construction Oversight

Longwood Gardens |  Ecological Restoration + Reforestation
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

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