Long Run Creek

The Long Run Creek Watershed Planning Committee sought to develop a watershed plan to protect water quality, remaining green infrastructure, and critical groundwater recharge to Long Run Seep Nature Preserve, home to the federally endangered Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly.

Findings of the plan illustrate the importance of managing green infrastructure to meet the goals and objectives of the stakeholders.  The plan provides scientific and practical rational for protecting appropriate green infrastructure from traditional development.  It encourages collaboration between public, private, and non-profit entities to manage these properties to maximize ecosystem services in the watershed.

The plan was completed and approved by the EPA in 2014. Implementation projects in the watershed began in 2015 and continue today.

  • Watershed Planning
  • GIS Data Analysis + Mapping
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Public Process

Watershed Based Plan | Long Run Creek
Lemont, Illinois
16,714 acres

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