Lincoln Park North Pond

AES landscape designers collaborated with The Lincoln Park Conservancy to develop a master plan for the 43-acre North Pond parklands in historic Lincoln Park near Lake Michigan.

The master plan envisioned a beautiful 21st century park, where healthy nature provides working functions and ecosystem services, along with recreational needs that benefit visitors and the City of Chicago.

The planning project was a return to a familiar site for AES. In the late 90s, AES had designed and construct the natural area restoration on the shorelines of North Pond. The natural landscape is a favorite destination for residents and visitors who enjoy the beauty of the wildflowers and the wildlife they attract.

The same enjoyment of nature and wildlife will be found on the trails and walkways of the expanded master planning site that will connect existing natural areas with proposed restoration designs.

  • Landscape Planning + Design
  • Stormwater Assessment
  • Ecological Assessment

Planning and Design
Chicago, Illinois
500 acres

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