Lakeview Woods

Lake View Hill Park’s mature oak forest suffered from a variety of degraded conditions: exotic shrubs, excessive understory shading, sparse and low diversity ground cover, and erosion. All these translated to reduced aesthetic appeal, limited wildlife habitat value, and poor ecosystem functions.

In the late ‘90s, AES ecologists began the development of a ten-year restoration and management plan using results from restoration test plots we established in collaboration with Dane County Parks, Friends of Lake View Woods, and the larger Lake View community.

Over the years, volunteers and park staff have sustained the long-term restoration and management effort required to recover a higher level of biological diversity and habitat quality in the degraded urban woodland. Within the framework of the restoration program, supportive volunteers worked eagerly with AES ecologists to dramatically improve the ecosystem health of their neighborhood woodland park.

The original Restoration Test Plot Program demonstrated and tested brushing, burning, weed control, and enhancement planting treatments over a three year period, with volunteer training and public education. The 10-year restoration and management plan was completed based on results of test plot study.

AES conducted an assessment of the restoration results in 2014-2015, following ten years of restoration work, and incorporated the data into an update of the original restoration plan.

  • Upland Habitat Restoration
  • Woodland Restoration Planning
  • Demonstration Test Plot Program
  • Ten-Year Management Plan
  • Public Education + Volunteer Outreach
  • Restoration Assessment + Plan Update

Ecological Assessment and Management Plan | Lake View Hill Park
Dane County, Wisconsin

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