Lake County Brushing

AES restoration crews worked for more than 12,000 man-hours cutting and treating selected areas of new-growth invasive trees and shrubs brush in several Lake County (IL) Forest Preserve District woodland restoration sites.

AES treated more than 200 acres in this coordinated program to address woodlands overdue for small stem removals and for conducting follow-up restoration tasks on woodland restorations. Target species for control were buckthorn, honeysuckle, gray dogwood, multi-flora rose, Oriental bittersweet, Japanese barberry, black locust, and raspberry/blackberry.

AES provided all labor, equipment, and materials for this large undertaking, including all chemical and adjuvants necessary for proper herbicide mixes (water was generally not available on-site).

  • Invasive Woody Species Control
  • Operations + Maintenance
  • Woodland Restoration
  • Forest Preserve – Public  Property

Woodland Restoration and Brushing
Lake County Forest Preserve District
Lake County, Illinois

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