AES assists landfill owners in developing or improving cost-effective sustainable-land management that results in lower long-term care costs, enhanced neighbor relations, greater use of waste resources, and increased potential for future landfill expansion.

The La Crosse County Landfill is a leader in solid waste facility management, earning state certification for sustainability.  Beyond waste disposal, the landfill department wanted to improve the condition of natural resources and create high-value recreational venues and trailbased activities.

AES has worked with the county landfill department for several years to develop a variety of innovative management strategies for land stewardship, natural resource management and public recreation/education.

Initially, ecologists inventoried the landfill and its buffer properties to identify ecological restoration values.  This evaluation allowed the landfill to integrate conservation concepts that add value to the local community, such as creating healthy wildlife habitat and enhancing native flora in its master plan for the property.

While ecologists were working with landfill staff, the City of La Crosse also engaged AES to integrate the adjacent trail system of its business park with the landfill and county trail system.  Clearly, the significant land base at the La Crosse County Landfill, and its proximity to urban areas, is making it a recreational hub with interest from others in connecting to the landfill.

  • Natural Resource Inventory
  • Master Planning
  • End-Use Planning + Design
  • Management and Maintenance
  • Controlled Burn Demonstration

La Crosse Landfill | Stewardship, Sustainability + Recreation
La Crosse, Wisconsin