To expand the Natural Resource Inventory and GIS work of the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), AES conducted a complex remote sensing, research, and inventory project that developed ecosystem service values for mapped land cover classes in the Kansas City metro region.

After prioritizing data uses, tied to MARC’s planning vision, AES Geospatial refined the technical approach to the land cover classification process and developed the details of a “Preferred Alternative Approach.”

AES developed methods and data to assess nine different ecosystem services by land cover class.  We also developed methods to define ecosystem service values for each land cover class, and assigned ecosystem service levels by land cover for each of the nine ecosystem services types.

Unlike the original Kansas City NRI project that AES conducted nine years earlier using existing GIS data, KC NRI II – Beyond The Map integrated remote sensing data and an object-based image classification method which has proven superior to other methods for classifying and mapping large data sets at regional scales.

  • Remote Sensing Data Management
  • GIS Integrated Natural Resource Inventory
  • Land Cover Classification
  • Object-Based Image Classification
  • Ecosystem Services Assessment + Valuation

KC NRI II – Beyond The Map
Kansas City Metro Region
4,300 Square miles

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