To provide local Kansas City metro area governments an assessment of ecological resources in the region, and to heighten public awareness of the value of sound ecological planning, AES conducted a GIS-based Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) that facilitated the conservation of priority natural areas and critical ecosystems.

The inventory, conducted for the Mid-America Regional Council with EPA funding, provided a coherent understanding of the distribution, extent and ecological health of natural resources in the 3,000 square mile region.

The inventory and assessment was designed as a precursor to the development of watershed-based policies and programs that conserve and restore natural resources and the ecosystem services they provide.

AES Geospatial created a GIS model with a number of data types and sources, which was adjusted by field surveys for validation and model calibration. After a second verification and calibration, AES developed a classification of ecological land cover types for the region, accompanied by a GIS database and educational literature.

This project was a catalyst for multi-year GIS planning work from MARC, and was integrated into the KC NRI II – Beyond the Map remote sensing and classification project that AES conducted for MARC in 2011-13.

  • GIS Data Collection + Management
  • GIS Modeling + Mapping
  • Ecological Field Inventory + Verification
  • Education + Outreach

Kansas City Metro
3,000 Square miles

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