Johnson Creek

Johnson Creek had been studied by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Arlington since the early 1980s due to a history of severe flooding. The urban drainage suffered extensive erosion and sedimentation, but offered recreational and important wildlife habitat opportunities.

In 1990, the Corps proposed to channelize and concrete-line substantial stretches of Johnson Creek, but the City opted for a more holistic alternative with community-supported recreational, habitat and economic opportunities.

While accepting development proposals for the Johnson Creek Corridor Plan, critical ecological issues arose that the authorized plan only partially addressed. So, in 2005, the City of Arlington asked AES to modify the plan, placing emphasis on repairing ecological problems with sustainable, science-based techniques for enhanced water quality, habitat and recreational values.

AES led the ecological planning on the team that created the Vision of Conservation, a master planning document that has now been translated into a beautiful, functional natural creek corridor between the venues of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers in Arlington.

AES conceptualized ecological bank stabilization, flood control, recreation, and habitat restoration projects on public lands and easements on nearly 200 acres along Johnson Creek.

AES’ role in the planning process was to integrate the creek into the greater venue and incorporate robust BMPs throughout to attenuate flooding, and minimize erosion and maintenance.

With the plan was completed in 2006, AES provided several years of construction oversight, monitoring, reporting and adaptive management consulting to ensure project success in this highly visible, high-traffic location.

  • Collaborative Multi-Stakeholder Process
  • Science-Based Education + Outreach
  • Riparian Corridor Master Planning
  • Streambank BMP Design
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Construction Oversight
  • Monitoring + Adaptive Management

Johnson Creek Restoration
A Vision of Conservation
Arlington, Texas
200 acres

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