Jelkes Creek Preserve

From 2002 – 2008, AES collaborated with Land and Water Resources to create a 100-acre wetland mitigation bank to serve the upper Fox River Watershed and restore emergent wetlands, wet prairie, and sedge meadow along the Jelkes Creek.

Most recently, we worked with Dundee Township to restore the adjacent property – 150-acre former gravel quarry – that is now the Jelkes Creek Bird Sanctuary, offering a valuable natural area amenity and habitat refuge in suburban Chicago.

The combined property of Dundee Township offers multi-use public trails, fishing access, pavilions, and natural area amenities as the Jelkes Creek Bird Sanctuary.

For the wetland bank, AES designed and installed 100 acres of wetlands with prairie as an ecological transition to uplands and roadway buffer. AES field crews maintained the Jelkes Creek Wetland Bank after restoration and installation, with prescribed burning, spot herbicide, and re-seeding. Ecologists conducted annual vegetation and hydrological monitoring to inform adaptive management that enabled the bank to meet performance standards and ensure regulatory compliance.

For the quarry reclamation, AES worked with G.A. Blocker and Dundee Township to restore a 150-acre former gravel quarry on Jelkes Creek that is now part of the Township’s sanctuary property. Restoration included:

  • creation of six biofiltration swales (3,250 linear feet) to treat and infiltrate runoff
  • conversion of three ponds into stormwater wetlands to improve pollutant removal before discharging stormwater
  • construction of six stormwater detention basins to improve water quality, remove suspended and soluble non-point source pollutants, enhance habitat and aesthetics, and improve water retention and other beneficial hydrologic functions

The Jelkes Creek Restoration Project has been recognized with the 2012 “Environmental Achievement of the Year Award” from the International Erosion Control Association for erosion and sediment control. The project also won the 2012 Illinois Association for Floodplain Management’s “Stormwater Management Award” for project excellence.

  • Wetland Mitigation Banking
  • Wetland Design/Build
  • Alternative Stormwater Planning
  • Mining/Quarry Reclamation
  • Native Landscape Installation + Maintenance
  • Compliance Monitoring

Jelkes Creek Bird Sanctuary | Wetland Mitigation + Quarry Reclamation
Kane County, Illinois
250 acres
2002-2008, 2010-2014

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