Indian Creek

In 2001, the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission embarked on the development of a watershed plan for the Indian Creek Watershed in Lake County, IL, which was home to two 303(d) impaired lakes.

AES developed the Indian Creek Watershed Plan, designed to meet EPA requirements.  At the time, it was one of the earliest EPA Nine Element Plans in the Chicago region and became a model for other watershed plans statewide. Plan recommendations included strategies to improve water quality by protecting green infrastructure, creating watershed protection policies, implementing ecological restoration, and educating the public.

The plan was completed in 2003 and became the first approved watershed plan to follow the EPA’s Nine Elements for Watershed Planning.

The approved watershed plan prioritizes opportunities for additional funding for watershed improvement projects, and implementation projects continue as funding is available.

  • Watershed Planning
  • GIS Data Analysis + Mapping
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Public Process

Watershed Based Plan
Lake County, Illinois
38 square miles

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