Great Lakes Basin Watershed

As part of an initiative to improve the Great Lakes Basin, the Great Lakes Protection Fund (GLRF) worked with AES to develop a suite of new GIS landscape and hydrologic assessment tools. The data management and assessment tools were designed to identify hydrologic restoration opportunities within the watersheds of the Basin.

A major aim of the GLPF program was to evaluate and improve the water-dependent natural resources in the Basin. As such, this project focused on identifying restoration opportunities throughout the basin, recognizing that restoration goals must have measurable hydrologic benefits that result in improved habitat, biodiversity, and ecological function.

With grant funding, AES developed, tested, and applied a suite of watershed assessment tools to identify high-value restoration opportunities. The GIS tools revealed several unrecognized restoration opportunities and potential resource improvements in the Basin.

After rigorous testing, the team generated a “water base unit” metric to measure ecological improvements. The work supplied additional screening methods to identify restoration opportunities, assess the degree of impairment and restoration progress, and a new set of methods to value ecological improvements.

  • GIS Data Management + Mapping
  • Large-Scale Land Assessment
  • Watershed Research + Restoration Planning
  • Hydrology Research + Restoration Planning

Great Lakes Basin Watershed Assessment
Great Lakes Basin
111,000+ square miles

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