Don River

As part of the $17 billion renewal of Toronto’s Central Waterfront, AES worked with a diverse disciplinary team led by Michael Van Valkenburgh and Associates to restore and integrate the restored natural systems of the Lower Don Lands. The project site was the mouth of the Don River, in the highly industrial Lake Ontario waterfront in downtown Toronto.

AES ecologists and stormwater engineers worked  with international planners, landscape architects, engineers and numerous agency and community stakeholder groups to create a world-class,  downtown waterfront redevelopment.

The project will achieve important flood protection goals, water quality improvements and significant biodiversity enhancements, amid high-quality residential and commercial re-development. Recreational, park and transit systems are organized around a recreated, naturalized, Don River channel – saving the community substantial infrastructure costs associated with conventional flood control strategies.

  • Naturalized Stormwater Management
  • Coastal Ecology
  • Fisheries + Aquatic Habitat
  • Hydrology Studies
  • Public Outreach + Education

Waterfront Restoration + Revitalization
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
100 acres

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