Doar Prairie

The City of New Richmond decided to convert city-owned land into a native natural area that would be more accessible to the public. The City wanted to minimize non-native vegetation that dominated the parcel, replacing this native prairie landscape. The end goal was the creation of an aesthetically pleasing recreational area with native prairie species, complete with a parking lot and walking trails.

Site preparation activities, including prescribed burning treatments and herbicide applications began during the 2008 growing season. Native seeds, trees, and other plants were installed the following year, and the natural area was managed annually until the prairie was fully established in 2011.

Today, visitors enjoy walking or running on trails through a beautiful native prairie landscape. In addition, the native prairie provides wildlife habitat as well as connectivity to other green spaces.

  • Ecological Restoration and Maintenance
  • Prairie Restoration
  • Natural Area
  • Invasive Species Control

Doar Prairie Restoration
New Richmond, Wisconsin

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