Dismal Swamp Conservation

The Raritan River – the longest river in New Jersey – has made tremendous progress in its ecological recovery over the past two decades. Crucial to that ongoing labor of the Edison Wetlands Association is the protection, restoration, and preservation of the clean, spring-fed waters of Dismal Swamp.

Dismal Swamp Conservation Area is a dynamic ecosystem comprised of a large mosaic of wetland habitats –  palustrine forested, emergent, sedge, shrub/scrub, cattail, and successional wetlands – along with open water ponds and streams. It is the largest clean water source within the highly industrial Lower Raritan Watershed.

The goal of this project was to take a snapshot of ecological conditions including the state of breeding songbirds and amphibians. Ecological and biological studies assessed the Dismal Swamp from both faunal and floral perspectives.

Habitat evaluations and protection strategies were considered for current and future land-use goals, such as blending enhanced passive recreation opportunities with habitat restoration, preservation, and ensured protection of rare, threatened, and/or endangered species.

  • Breeding Bird + Amphibian Studies
  • Habitat Mapping + Assessment
  • Ecological Consulting

Middlesex County, New Jersey
1,240 acres

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