Des Moines Tomorrow Plan

The Tomorrow Plan, a 40-year plan for the sustainable development of Greater Des Moines, was formulated to meet the challenges of aligning transportation needs while simultaneously addressing flooding concerns, community vitality, economic growth, and natural resource planning and conservation across the metro region.

As part of a larger planning partnership led by Sasaki Associates, AES used GIS to identify natural areas and corridors combined with an overlay of public lands and ecological buffers. Public outreach and education about natural systems and green infrastructure was emphasized as an important part of the project. RDG Planning & Associates was a key planning partner.

The Plan places a strong emphasis on resolving stream instability and flooding issues using ecological approaches. By combining data from river gauging stations with estimates of runoff from urban impervious surfaces, AES projected future conditions under various development scenarios and made recommended ecological strategies for flood reduction.

The Tomorrow Plan has been selected as a finalist for the 2016 International Award for Planning Excellence from the Royal Town Planning Institute of London.

  • Regional Ecological Planning
  • Development Alternatives Analysis
  • GIS Data Management + Mapping
  • Education + Outreach

The Tomorrow Plan
Greater Des Moines, Iowa
82 square miles

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