Colorado Wetland Bank

AES collaborated with Land and Water Resources and a local landowner to provide design, permit, install, maintain and monitor a 70-acre wetland mitigation bank serving the Boulder, CO area.

In addition, to soils, topography and hydrology studies, our team investigated water rights issues, and provided engineering calculations for the approval of allocations of the vested rights in the property to the restored wetlands.

Wetlands were restored to emulate their historic vegetation composition which has improved water quality and created habitats for several hundred native plant and wildlife species.

Ecological management and technical monitoring of the site was provided for a period of five years.  Data collected during that time demonstrated that the site was functioning better than the anticipated performance standards established in the permit for the banking project.

All mitigation credits were approved, and monitoring requirements were reduced due to exceptional project performance.

  • Wetland Mitigation Banking
  • Wetland Restoration Design/Build
  • Hydrology Modeling
  • Ecological Operations + Management
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Water Quality Analysis

Wetland Mitigation Bank | Middle South Platte River
Erie, Colorado
500 acres

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