Chestnut Grove-Lancaster

AES collaborated with Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority to develop a Master Plan for a soil borrow site adjacent to the Authority’s operational and closed landfills. The Master Plan provided guidance for passive recreational spaces, trails, enhancement, and restoration of an existing wetland and stream, in addition to creation of new habitats.

Formerly known as the Star Rock Farm, the majority of the landfill borrow area produced corn and pasture for cattle along the ridgeline of the Susquehanna River. Although the majority of the site is occupied by expansive farm fields, a wetland and a stream corridor were significant natural features.

AES conducted a Natural Resources Inventory that examined the hydrology, soils, geology, and existing vegetative communities on the site as well as in adjacent areas.

From the NRI, AES created a series of overlay maps that graphically represented the findings from the Inventory and were used to inform program suitability for the Master Plan. Further, the Inventory established baseline parameters used to formulate different restoration zones as a part of the final Master Plan.

  • Landfill Land-Use Planning
  • Natural Resource Inventory
  • Ecological Planning + Design

Chestnut Grove | Lancaster Landfill Legacy Plan
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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