Catfish Creek

The City of Dubuque asked for assistance to develop a watershed plan for the Catfish Creek watershed in Dubuque County. Catfish Creek comprises 196 miles of streams and tributaries flowing through a beautiful karst landscape of bluffs and limestone cliffs. The watershed generally has poor water quality, with exceeded levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment and/or bacteria. Due to the increased risk of groundwater contamination in this karst landscape, the goal of the plan was to improve water quality across the whole watershed.

A watershed restoration plan for Catfish Creek was developed based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) planning guidance. The watershed plan contains ways to improve water quality within Catfish Creek watershed, improve fish and wildlife habitat, educate watershed residents, and encourage agricultural techniques and conservation practices.

This plan will ultimately lead to improved water quality in the entire watershed, while protecting and restoring the surface and ground water resources for the human population as well as biological communities.

  • Watershed Planning
  • Natural Resource Inventory
  • Water Quality

Catfish Creek Watershed Plan
Dubuque County, Iowa

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