Carrington Crossing

The Carrington Reserve residential development in West Dundee, Illinois, is located in an ecologically sensitive area with a high-quality stream system and adjacent wet prairie and fen wetlands. The developer faced strict requirements in order to develop the site and brought in AES to assist with the process.

AES’ work included design, installation and maintenance of BMPs within residential areas to promote stormwater cleansing and infiltration before surface runoff is released into the high-quality stream and wetlands.

Prior to development, AES obtained all necessary permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

AES created open prairie and savanna areas, removing woody invasive brush from the sites in order to perform the restoration. Trails and signage in the natural areas foster recreational and educational opportunities for residents.

A long-term O+M plan was prepared, with AES field crews conducting the first several years of maintenance following installation of the created and restored natural communities. AES continues to perform ecological management for the site through the Village of West Dundee.

In 2010, the project received the Chicago Wilderness and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Conservation and Native Landscaping Award.

  • Ecological Design/Build
  • Stormwater Management Planning
  • Natural Area BMP Installation
  • Operations + Maintenance
  • Compliance Monitoring

Carrington Crossing Conservation Development
West Dundee, Illinois
12 acres

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