Boundary Waters

Every year, for 40+ years, AES has trekked north to research the role of wildfire and blow-down in the 1.3 million-acre Boundary Waters Wilderness Area and 1.5 million-acre Quetico Provincial Park.

Since the mid ‘70s, AES has partnered with Dr. Alan Haney and hundreds of other researchers and student assistants in measuring the way plant and animal communities re-assemble after wildfire in this unique wilderness area.

This seminal research has helped formulate “let-burn” fire management policies of the U.S. Forest Service.

It has provided the scientific underpinning for maintenance strategies with appropriate fire regimes over large, complex landscapes.

The work has produced insightful and technical publications adopted by national forest management plans and wilderness research training programs.

Continuing as of 2016, four to eight researchers annually enter the remote wilderness, accessible only by canoe, to collect ongoing data for the overall program.

  • Ecological Survey + Research
  • Wild Lands Fire Management Policy
  • Breeding Bird Study

Boundary Waters Ecological Studies
Boundary Waters Wilderness Area, Minnesota
Quetico Provincial Park, Canada
2.8 million acres

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