Bonne Femme

AES joined forces with Space Imaging to provide Boone County, MO with a GIS-based sensitivity assessment of the Bonne Femme Watershed. The area contains important karst geology that connects surface and groundwater and is valued for its network of public lands, including Rock Bridge Memorial State Park and Three Creeks Conservation Area.

AES assessed the effects of potential land use changes, particularly increases in impervious surfaces or changes from native to exotic plant cover.  Goal of the assessment was to minimize impaired ecosystem functions associated with land use changes.

The multi-disciplinary team developed an interactive watershed plan and strategy, integrating the skills of high-level GIS analysts, planners, ecologists, and engineers to create models and summaries that informed future planning efforts.

After reviewing GIS data, models, and field conditions, AES mapped and described appropriate BMPs for use in each sub-watershed and provided strategies for balancing the needs of neighbors and communities with the protection of healthy ecosystem functions.

The Boone County Planning Department used the final report and GIS database to formulate a comprehensive plan for the Bonne Femme Watershed.

  • GIS Watershed Analysis
  • Ecological Modeling
  • BMP Recommendations

Bonne Femme Watershed Master Plan
Boone County, Missouri
93 square miles

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