Badger Mining Taylor Plant

At its sand mining operation in west-central Wisconsin, Badger Mining Corp. had 6,000 acres of woods, coulees, wetlands, streams and old fields that were used mainly for hunting. The firm wanted to understand the status of vegetation, wildlife, and threatened and endangered (T&E) species on the property. And they wanted action items they could implement to improve ecological conditions and meet management objectives.

AES integrated a variety of tools and resources – T&E species records, historical documents, GIS mapping and imagery – to target priority areas for field surveys. Extensive field investigations – quantitative and qualitative – on vegetation, wildlife, ecological communities, and T&E species were described and mapped in GIS platform.

Based on natural resource studies and company goals, AES wrote a natural resource and wildlife management plan recommending habitat management activities in each of 19 designated Management Units. AES also produced individual pocket-sized Management Field Guides that provide site-specific direction to crew leaders conducting restoration tasks.

  • Ecological Assessment | Quantitative + Qualitative
  • Natural Resources Management Plan
  • GIS Data Management + Mapping

Badger Mining Corp. Taylor Plant
Ecological Surveys + Management Plan
Taylor, Wisconsin
6,000 acres

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