Appleton Detention System

In Appleton, Wisconsin, the city has embraced a “living with nature” mindset that blends multiple benefits into the design and maintenance of its stormwater management systems.

Nearly 40 regional stormwater facilities are vegetated with native prairie and wetland communities, with recreational trails and wildlife habitat for sandill cranes, bluebirds, hawks and buffleheads.

For more than a decade, AES has restored and managed the natural landscapes of Appleton’s regional stormwater facilities.  Field crews knowledgeable about native ecosystems and shoreline restoration have installed vegetation and erosion control methods, and conducted prescribed burns, herbicide treatment and seeding/planting to ensure the ecological health, stability and water quality of the facilities.

Since 2005, AES crews have installed thousands of native plugs and hundreds of pounds of seed to increase the species diversity of the areas.  At detention ponds, restoration crews install shoreline erosion control treatments such as coir logs and erosion blanket to help establish new plantings and buffer them from dynamic water fluctuations.

As part of seasonal maintenance, AES routinely inspects and applies various techniques to enhance the ecological health and quality of each facility.

While working in these parkland settings, our crews also routinely speak with and educate local residents and trail users about the unique stormwater facilities and the benefits of maintaining native vegetation for water quality purposes.

  • Ecological Restoration
  • Seed + Plant Installation
  • Shoreline Stabilization
  • Operation + Maintenance
  • Monitoring + Adaptive Management

Appleton Stormwater Management
Appleton, Wisconsin
80 acres | 37 facilities

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