Ankeny Basins

Like many municipalities, the City of Ankeny is responsible for the ongoing management of its stormwater detention basins that serve to protect water quality of regulated lakes, rivers, and streams.

The City operates a system of 38 detention basins, with more added each year. The system not only manages stormwater but also provides a diversity of recreational, ecological and aesthetic benefits to the community.  Over time, residents have come to value the detention basins for these other asset values, although stormwater functionality is primary.

The City wished to understand the type, function, condition and goals of each basin to guide future assessments, planning and management. AES ecologists partnered with stormwater engineers from HR Green to lead an inventory and assessment of the basins.

The team collected inventory information and developed a condition rating and classification system, along with goals and management practices, for each basin type. Based on the inventory and assessment, the team offered several prioritized recommendations to address specific issues and enhance the multiple functions of the basins.

Among the functional issues that surfaced were vegetation filter strips, turf to native plant conversion, bank erosion, fish and wildlife populations, dredging needs, outlet retrofits, and safety concerns. Opinions of probable cost were provided for the top capital improvements.

The City has embraced the basin classification and condition rating system. It provides clarity and direction for operating and managing basins, consistent messaging for City residents about individual basins, direction for developers for delivering to the City appropriately designed and managed stormwater basins, and annual capital improvement project budgeting items.

  • Stormwater Management Planning
  • Natural Area Assessment
  • Erosion Control
  • Invasive Species Consulting
  • O + M Recommendations
  • Cost Estimates

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